Fact-Checking Chiropractic Myths – Once You Go You Have to Go For the Rest of Your Life!

FACT CHECK…. Partially True!

One of the more common myths about chiropractic is that ‘once you start, you have to keep going for the rest of your life’. This half-truth has been used to shift people away from Chiropractors for decades.

Of course, we don’t HAVE to do anything, except pay taxes and die! LOL! The choice is always the patient’s when it comes to continuing care. Nobody is twisting anyone’s arm. Most of our patients understand the importance of maintaining their upper cervical correction once they have completed their initial care plan.

Let’s do a little comparison. Most people have either had braces or know someone who has. The goal of braces is to align your teeth, which are just specialized bones. After years of wearing the braces and having them adjusted over time, finally, the teeth are realigned and the braces can come off! But, is that the end? NO! Now, every night for the rest of their life, they have to wear a retainer. Why? Because if they don’t, those bones we call teeth are just going to go right back where they came from over time. The retainer is there to maintain the correction and protect the patient’s investment into the health of their teeth and the look of their smile.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

It’s very similar in Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. People come here with misalignment in the upper neck that causes a neurological compromise that can lead to a number of health problems over time. Our job as Chiropractors is to locate the misalignment and adjust it. Just like with braces, it takes time to achieve a stabilized correction. That’s why the care plans are so important. Once the care plan is finished, our patients are given options for wellness care. Wellness care in Chiropractic is just like the retainer after braces. This is where people are just popping in once or twice a month to be checked and only adjusted WHEN NECESSARY. And, similar to a retainer, this maintains the correction and will protect their investment into their spinal and neurological health.

It’s important to understand that it’s not the adjustment that gets people well, it’s MAINTAINING the adjustment over time that gives people their lives back.

So, when you go to the Chiropractor, do we really have to keep going for the rest of our lives? Well, only if you choose to continue to receive the benefits of a properly functioning Nervous System!