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Atlanta, Georgia

Nestled between the Virginia Highland and Midtown neighborhoods of Atlanta, our office is just steps away from Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Beltline. As Atlanta’s premier in-town Chiropractic facility we deliver Advanced Upper Cervical Chiropractic care for optimal healing and wellness. Dr. Peterson specializes in what is known as the best-kept secret in healthcare, Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. This care promotes optimal health by restoring proper function to the nervous system.

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Extraordinary Chiropractic Care

In addition to offering absolutely patient-focused care, we offer a truly comprehensive and inclusive range of chiropractic services.


Dr Kris is honest, funny, patient, listening, and fully committed to doing the best he can to help me heal myself the best I can. I wholeheartedly recommend him!

- Stephanie B.

I’m a control freak and didn’t really believe what Dr. K said he could do. I’ve suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia for the past 2 years and the pain is absolutely maddening. It’s called the suicide disease for very good reason. Because I gave it up, sat back, ponied up and let Dr. K drive I’m now pain free and can shave, smile, chew, sneeze and kiss my kids goodnight again without screaming like I’m being stabbed in the face. Please. Trust Dr. K. He’s truly amazing.

- Bruce Reich

Dr. Kris is AWESOME. He has fixed me up and it has allowed me to live my life to the fullest! I'm back running races and working out without any pain! He's very informative and will educate you on what's going on without it going too far over your head! I highly recommend.

- Ashby Sadowski

The Best Kept Secret in Chiropractic Health Care

Learn What Sets Us Apart

Virginia Hill Chiropractic is a local and family-owned business. Our professional team has been practicing for years to provide the best Chiropractic care to Atlanta Georgia. We specialize in Upper Cervical Chiropractic care. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on our services.

Entrust our caring team for affordable and top-notch techniques to treat your health effectively. At Virginia Hill Chiropractic, we believe the focus should be on living a life free of nerve interference and not about getting adjustments. In fact, our goal is to deliver a few adjustments as possible. Contact us for a FREE consultation. Same-day appointments are available.