What Is Upper Cervical
Chiropractic Care?

Living with Optimal Vitality

At Kindspine Chiropractic Center, in the heart of Atlanta, GA. we specialize in Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.  “Upper Cervical” refers to the first two bones in the neck, which are very unique vertebrae and vastly different than the other 23 bones comprising the spinal column. While the vertebrae of the spine are commonly referred to by a letter and number system, the first two upper cervical bones have a specific name. The Atlas or the first cervical vertebra is formed like a ring and connects the skull to the cervical spine. The Atlas sits upon the second cervical vertebra, better known as the Axis.

These are the only two vertebrae between which there is NO DISC. The absence of the intervertebral disc allows for a greater range of motion. Because of this increased range of motion, these segments are much more likely to misalign, causing nervous system interference at the level of the brain stem. The misaligned segments are identified through the use of Digital Radiography. Because the misalignment is very slight (measured in millimeters) it is very important that precise x-ray equipment is used.


Upper Cervical Specific chiropractic focuses on the upper two vertebrae in the neck and their relationship to the brainstem. When the body is under enough stress either of these bones will get locked and cause the head to get stuck in a tilted position. When this happens, the brain cannot function properly so it will twist and bend the spine below in an attempt to level the eyes with the horizon. Over time, this distorting will lead to a number of degenerative changes throughout the body. More importantly, the locked vertebra affects the brain’s ability to transmit and receive vital information through the brainstem efficiently. This alters overall brain function and leads to all types of disorders and conditions over time.

At Kindspine Chiropractic Center, we believe the focus should be on living a life free of nerve interference and not about getting adjustments. In fact, our goal is to deliver as few adjustments as possible.

Dr. Peterson is one of less than 2,000 practitioners worldwide that uses a specialized technique called Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic care, which focuses on removing nerve irritation to restore communication between the brain and the body. Restoring function at the level of the brainstem and upper cervical spine (the control center of the body) is essential so that the body may heal itself and have optimal vitality.


Finally, an Upper Cervical Specific Adjustment is made to the misaligned segments. This is a quick, impulse-type thrust applied to the upper part of the neck. It is safe for patients of all ages. We have experience applying the adjustment to patients ranging in age from 1 day to 95 years old! After the adjustment, the patients will enter a post-adjustment recuperation suite where the patient is placed in a recumbent position for approximately 20 minutes to allow the body to accommodate the adjustment and allow for a longer holding adjustment. Following the post-adjustment recuperation, the patient is scanned with the Infrared Thermography one last time before going home.

Upper Cervical refers to the first two bones in the neck C1 and C2 the Atlas


With the nervous system functioning at 100%, the body has the potential to heal itself from even the most complex of ailments including, but not limited to:

Digestive Disorders
Ear Infections
High Blood Pressure
Inner Ear Disorders
Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Seizure Disorders & Epilepsy
Sleep Disorders

  • Optimal Vitality
  • Greater Range of Motion
  • Improved Posture

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