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Upper Cervical Specific Adjustment

An Upper Cervical Specific adjustment is delivered only when nervous system dysfunction is present as indicated by thermography and other examinations.  When clinically necessary, a specific adjustment is made to the misaligned segments.  This is a quick, impulse-type thrust applied to the upper part of the neck.  It is safe for patients of all ages.

After the adjustment, the patient undergoes post-adjustment neural recuperation and is placed in a recumbent position for approximately 20 minutes to allow the body to accommodate the adjustment and allow for a longer holding adjustment.  Following the post-adjustment recuperation, the patient is scanned with the infrared thermography one last time to confirm that the correction has been made.

Full Spine and/or Extremity Adjustment

In some rare instances (less than 5%), patient evaluations indicate misalignments in their lower spine and/or extremity joints.  In these rare cases, Dr. Peterson will address these issues utilizing his expertise in the traditional full spine and extremity techniques.

Neural Recuperation

After a chiropractic adjustment has been made, the nervous systems reboots itself.  During this critical period, patients are treated to a Human Touch Perfect Chair in zero-gravity position while enjoying a spa-like experience.  The post-adjustment neural recuperation is necessary for increased neuroplasticity, or the ability to “re-wire” your brain in order to remove interference and restore proper function.

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