So let me begin today by saying how aggravated I am at Mother Nature. This cold blast is ridiculous. Doesn’t she know it’s Spring? We aren’t supposed to have temps in the 30s in April! Do you know why it’s so annoying? Having to bring in all the plants from outside for the second time! Do you know how many plants my wife has? A sh#@load! Some of these things are gargantuan! Having to lift these pots in front of me and carrying them is not easy. Some of you may be able to relate. Now my back is all stiff and I’m irritated. Enough already with this coldness and bring me some warm sunny days.

Sorry for the rant. I digress. Anyway, Wednesday was fun. I was interviewed on a webinar by Power of Patients, which is an organization that helps people with traumatic brain injuries. I was really nervous about it, being my first time. In hindsight, there was no reason to be. I feel like I did a good job. Once I get a link to the recording, I will share it with you and you can tell me how I did. I am always open to constructive criticism. I must have done ok because yesterday I received an email asking if I could be interviewed for a book this woman is writing! How cool is that!?!? Makes me want to write my own book. I think about it often. We’ll see…

I also wanted to update you on my Parkinson’s patient from last week. When he came in on Monday his gate had improved more. Dude is walking! And getting faster! When I asked him how his lower back was, which was the reason he started getting adjusted, he said there was “marginal improvement”. When I asked what the biggest changes he noticed in a week were, he of course mentioned the improvement in his walking. The other answer is what I wanted to share. He said, “I don’t know, I just FEEL BETTER”. Do you know how many times I’ve heard those words verbatim? Quite frequently. He can’t describe it in any other way. His back pain was still there, but he didn’t seem to mind as much. He understands that he’s a different person now the Power is on in his body. He’s functioning better. It’s only a matter of Time before his back pain improves. I tell you all the time that Chiropractic isn’t meant to make you feel better, it’s meant to make you heal and function better. But, when we get the Brain and Body connected again, it’s only natural that you’re going to “ feel better” overall.

Anyway, after moving the plants outside, AGAIN, I’m going to be spending time this weekend getting our camper ready for the season. I have a leak in the ceiling of the bathroom that needs fixing. I’m so excited. Can you tell by my tone? Lol. Maybe I’ll get to swing the ole wrenches this weekend as well. I hope you find something fun and interesting to do this weekend. Whatever you wind up doing, don’t forget…..
Be Kind to Your Spine!

-Dr. Kris